You are ready to build your dream home!

We can only imagine what led you to begin this exciting journey. There are many ways to approach the construction of your new home. Jason will help you define your approach. You need an advocate who is solely respecting your investment and needs throughout the process. What is your first step? That’s simple – engage the best realty consultant in Indianapolis to represent you – Call Jason Rose and the Rose Realty Team! “You gotta know Jason”!


Jason has over 20 years experience in residential construction and sales. He has personally managed the construction of over 250 homes. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Building Construction from Purdue University (1992). Jason knows homes!

Why Hire a Consultant

Jason and the Rose Realty Team has the knowledge that will help guide you in many decisions involving: design, specifications, location, contractor selections, financing, quality, contract negotiations, inspections, documentation, timelines, interior design, change orders, jurisdictional planning and zoning, and the dreaded contract disputes. The dream is easy – Jason will help bring your dream to life while protecting your investment and interest along the way. Even if you are building with a large scale builder (Lennar, Pulte, Weekly, Drees, etc.) you need Realtor representation; you “Gotta know Jason”. The good news is that most of the time our representation won’t even cost you a dollar!

Jason and the Rose Realty Team’s fees are typically included in the sales price – whether you have a Realtor or not. This means that if you think you are saving money by not bringing representation to the table – you’re not. The builder utilizes marketing costs assigned to each project to pay for our involvement. You need to enter your purchase agreement confident in your entire team. While the builder is obviously a crucial part of your dream, they do not represent you. You need to have a representative like Jason that is working solely for you and your needs!

Jason Rose Represents YOU

Even though you may be building with a well known builder, this alone does not insure the quality of your home.  More than ever you need a Realtor advocate, like Jason Rose and the Rose Realty Team, on your side to help insure you get everything in which you are entitled.

Rarely do projects head “South”, however, we not only rely upon our upfront contract review but also retain real estate lawyers ready to assist when we need it! We are present on the job site, monitoring progress and documenting the activity for you. With Jason’s involvement, your builder will know that you’re serious about quality, time, and budget. The best part of our job is the ability for us to see our clients realize that dreams do come true!

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