How exciting! You are ready to move!

I know you want an easy transition. You want to find your dream home at the perfect price and condition. Let’s be honest for a moment though. The process of purchasing a home is full of hidden surprises. Sometimes you unwrap beautiful gifts…sometimes you don’t get what you were looking for. If only you could plan your journey to home ownership knowing how to avoid most of the pitfalls with good expectations of what’s to come. You need a professional guidance counselor, negotiator, contractor, and coach to lead you. You need a Realtor!

My name is Jason; I’ll be your Realtor guide on your journey to home ownership. I understand that our final destination is very much defined by you. However, over the past 20 years I have been to the top of the “Home Ownership” mountain at least a thousand times. I can’t promise it will be easy, but it will be worth it and I will carry a bulk of your load for you! Once you have moved into your new home my role has not ended. I pride myself in being a “life” agent. I will be your source of knowledge to pull from when the dishwasher quits or the garage door decided to not open.

There are quite a few Realtors out there to choose from. Find one with a Bachelor Degree in Building Construction from Purdue University. Find one who has personally managed the construction of over 250 homes. Find one who has 20 years of buying/building and selling homes with a 99% customer satisfaction rating. Find one that is backed by the most recognizable name in real estate – Century 21! I am confident in my ability to not only make your trip successful but I will also strive to make it quite rewarding and enjoyable. I promise to help uncover those hidden pitfalls before you see them.

There are six stages to our journey. The first and one of the most important steps for me is understanding your background story. What it is that is driving you to move. Call Jason Rose and the Rose Realty Team.

Your journey may seem overwhelming – but honestly – it just takes one step to start.

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